Social Media: A Potent Tool For Character Assassination

As at the time when our society was greeted with the advent of social media platforms, we felts that at last the barrier to free flow of information has been defeated.vOf course, with the social media platforms, it is very easy for us to send information to one another freely as we like and we need no one to vet the information before they are passed. Be that as it may, several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and a whole lot of other began to make their presence known even as people saw the need to use their platforms to share information with their loved ones from time to time.

The ease at which messages are sent via these platforms endeared many people to the use of social media on daily basis and this has garnered interest on the part of the users. Unfortunately, these platforms paved way for the transmission of messages that are not screened and as such people with wrong motives bank on the social media to forecast their messages of character assassination. As a matter of fact, there have been series of cases where certain individuals have been threatened and harassed via the social media platforms since no one is authorized to check the information that is released for everyone and boost your follower count.


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Of course, every message displaced on these social media sites get to the public domain with no form of editing done to it and most times, the content of the messages could be annoying. In addition to the above, some of the people we share our information with on the social media are strangers with disguised identities and once they have our details, they trail us illegally.

Available records show that lots of people have been looted as a result of the contacts that they have made on the social media platforms where they relate with their friends and well wishers. Most people who use these platforms say that they derive lots of fun when they relate with people on the net and that they do chat up their friends on the social media platforms on daily basis.

Obviously, we cannot shy away from the fact that chatting on the social media comes with lots of fun but it is good too that we are conscious of the people we chat with on these platforms so that we won’t have to blame ourselves one day.

Be that as it may, it should be noted that the social media can also be used to foment trouble in the society especially when it is used to propagate the wrong doctrines of destruction. Of course, careless tweets via the social media have the capacity to tear apart mutual relationship that have ensured smooth understanding among several nations of the world in the recent past.

Besides this, people often use the social media to propagate lies, rumors and gossips that are capable of causing chaos in the society at large. It should be made known that once wrong messages are passed via the social media platforms, they got to the public domain and everyone will begin to form their opinion as to the messages already passed even without getting the side of the other party.

Once this happens, mistrust is the result. This mistrust is enough to rip the prevailing peace that members of the society has experienced from time immemorial. Therefore, there is no amount of apology that can ease or heal the damage already done to the reputation of the other party who has been falsely represented and presented to the public.

As a matter if fact, our reputation as humans is what we all put some element of value on. So, it is likely that we will be offended each time wrong messages about us flood the public domain.
Be that as it may, you should be very careful as to the way you share your personal information to people on the social media platforms so that they won’t use them against you. It is obvious that there are a few people on these social media platforms that chat up with people for the very wrong reasons. It is good for you to be very smart and wise when you chat with such people.

Therefore, you will do well if you keep your sensitive information within yourself as it has been proved that sharing such information on the social media platforms could be detrimental to you.
It is not a good habit if you have been sharing sensitive information about you and your family on the social media. If you do, you might need to be security alert. Apparently, the character that you have labored hard to build may be destroyed under the twinkle of an eye if you choose to share all your information on the social media platforms.